GRUNDIG Satellit 3000 Digital




Quick Specs:

FM,LW,MW,18 x SW

Double conversion

50x29x12cm (whd)



Full Specs

More Info

Antenna Info






Now features built-in SSB, 3-position bandwith filters, digital frequency readout, automatic gain contol, noise filter,etc. This is the largest and heaviest Satellit.



Five FM-presets, and "clip-on" antenna terminals accessible on the top/back.



      Three large horizontal tuning scales on the front.



                Front middle control console



The bottom control console is a new feature with this radio.





The front middle controls explained in detail (below):


1. Switch for AFC (Automatic Frequency Control).This is a "lock-on" function to ensure stronger FM-reception

2. Tuning/S-meter & Battery/Accumulator strength indicator.

3. Switch for Accumulator or Battery-control

4. Antenna-trimmer for the "External Antenna" or "Car-antenna" connections. For SW-bands only.

5. 24-hour quartz LCD clock (can be detached from radio for use on its own)

6. AM bandwith filters (3-step)

7. SW (Drum-tuner) Band-Spread switch

8. Digital Frequency Display for all bands (7-segment red light diodes)   

9. On/Off switch.

10. Switch for temporary lighted tuning scales (by battery-operation).

11. Switch for de-selection of high-tone/treble speaker element.

12. Switch for de-selection of the frequency-display.

                              2005 by Knut Otterbeck, Oslo, Norway