Grundig Satellit 1000 (Transistor 6002) 1972 - 1973

Now has slide-controls for Volume/Treble/Bass.

Built-in mains unit (may be used with 110V/ 127V/ 229V/ 240V).

Stronger amplifier; 2.5 Watts power by battery operation ,and 7 Watts of power by mains operation. The new amplifier works between 20V (mains-operated) and 4,5V  (lowest power/battery operation).  

Grundig made a point that no receiver in this price-class could mach its performance ,they even claimed it could match far more expensive radios.

Three designs were offered; Black with a metal-grille ,all black "Professional Look" ,or wood.

The following picture shows a diagram for the "abgleich" or fine-tuning of the radio: