Grundig Satellit 2000, 1973 - 1975

All three dial scales now arranged horisontally on the right side of the radio.

At the top you have LW/MW/SW1/SW2 in one ,large scale. In the middle the "Drum-tuner" for SW3-SW10. And at the bottom the FM-scale.

The total linear "distance" of the dial- scales in the "Drum-tuner" unit (SW3-SW10) is 115 cm (equiv. to 4 feet)!

If you include the LW/MW/SW1/SW2 dial-scales the "distance" is 150cm or 1,5 meters (5 feet). There is now only a 10.5% factor of overlapping for all the dial-scales in the "drum-tuner".

This is down from 55% overlapping of the same dial-scales for the Satellit 208 ,as an example.