Grundig Satellit 210 (Transistor 6001) 1969 - 1971

This radio looks very much like its predecessor ,but many upgrades has been performed..

The receiver now complied with regulations for use as a "Ship- Broadcast Receiver with limited permission" (Permission= "Zulassung / Zeefunk"

Grundig made use of this fact in the marketing of the radios. The set has fastening-holes for screws on the bottom of the chassis for mounting aboard ships (etc.) ,together with separate holes for the fastening of the (optional) ,external SSB-unit.

Other improvements: Antenna-trimmer, linear adjustment circuits for SW2-SW9, greater selectivity through adding ceramic filters, LW extended up to 420kHz, earphone-connector moved to the front of set, descriptions underneath carrying handle for button/wheel functions, on the right side of the set a new tuning-wheel (with a small caved-in "button" on inside of tuning- wheel for easy one-finger operation), operation through either batteries/ mains unit TN12A / Dryfit PC Accumulator 476 with charging unit TN14, new scale for charging and battery levels, improved "Kurzwellen-lupe" ("Shortwave-lens"/fine-tuning for SW1/LW/MW)

Like for the earlier models, an "amateur"  model  "Grundig Satellit 210 Amateur" was also manufactured. The Satellit 210 Amateur now also had a separate band-spread for 160 meters.

The Satellit 210 was available in black(leather-look)/metal or wood.  

Check out the original Grundig add below: