Grundig Satellit 25-year jubilee

"Radio-Dreams" ("Radio-Träume") was the title of the booklet

Grundig  published in  1989 as part of the  25-year jubilee for

the  Grundig  Satellit radios.  The booklet praises the  world-

band radio and the ability to  travel the  world  on the radio-

waves.  It also had 15  pages of  detailed  information on five

Grundig radio models of that  same year;  Satellit 650 & 500 ,

Yacht Boy 220 & 230 ,and Studio Line YB225. An excellent line

of highly advanced portable receivers.


The last in line of the  German-engineered  Satellit radios was

the Satellit 700 (ended production in 1996). The successor was 

to be the  Satellit 900 ,but  unfortunately  it  never  made it to

the shops due to economic- and technical issues. 


Please also find more info on an  all-American  radio- project;

The Grundig Satellit 800 ,released by Grundig America.