Grundig Satellit 3400 Professional , 1978 - 1982

The Satellit 3400 Professional only has few upgrades from the Satellit 3000. For the design alone, the (older) Satellit 3000 Digital looked more within the traditional Grundig Satellit styling. The Satellit 3400 Professional looks more "modern" and sharp , in tune with other popular designs of the time.

In addition to the black version ,a brown-colored version was introduced later in the production.  

The Satellit 3400 (like the S3000) has integrated controls for SSB-reception.

Sensivity for the AM-tuner is 1,5uV, 

Selectivity (at -6/-60dB) is 2,5/4,8 and 7,2/13,6KHz respectively.

At 52x 32x 14 cm (WxHxD) this is a massive portable ,weighing in at 8,9 Kg(!) without batteries.

On the front / left is the large loadspeaker grille. In the middle , a large S-meter / fancy LCD clock / and digital frequency display. The digital display is very comfortable to watch , with large ,red characters.

On the front/right you find all tree horizontal tuning scales.

The radio has more than 40 controls , of which many are multi-funtion.

This is a very special radio , both for it's massive apparance and for the refined operating controls.

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