Memory-Info for the Grundig Satellit 700:


Up to three extra memory modules/chips (also called "MEMO FILES"), can be inserted into the Grundig Satellit 700 for a total of up to 2048 memory positions or stations.

By default , the Grundig Satellit 700 only has one MEMO FILE , limiting the total number of memory positions to 512.

The extra MEMO FILES (1-3) (picture below) can be added (one at a time, if wanted) , by inserting them into a compartment directly below the Grundig Satellit 700 keyboard.  Observe the handy Tool (4) for inserting or removing memory modules :




                  (About actual size of memory chips)



Part nr. (spec. sheet) for the Satellit 700 memory chips:




Where to buy Grundig Satellit 700 memory chips?


By using the "Find" search engine (link LOGO/picture below)  , you can find hundreds of different chips by entering the type description into the search box. 

The type description for the Grundig Satellit 700 memory chips/Memo Files (namely "24LC16B") has already been entered into the search engine , so by clicking the link/logo below you will be pointed directly to several suppliers of the actual Grundig Satellit 700 memory chip.

If you want to use the "Find" search engine for other chips ,just enter the type description into the search box in the opening page. logo