- Satellit 700 LCD DISPLAY description 

- Satellit 700 keyboard description 

- Satellit 700 Left side controls description

- Satellit 700 Right side controls description

- Satellit 700 LCD Display LED modification (Link to Cristoph Lorenz' site)


         Satellit 700 LCD DISPLAY description


1.   8-digit alphanumeric display for:

      - Broadcaster/name

      - Short descriptions: "Local" / "Weather" / etc..  

      - Programming functions: "B" / "MENU" / "TIMER 1" / etc.

      - Directions: For instance  "*LOCKED"

      - Error messages: For instance "**MEMORY"

2.   Bandwith info for AM (LW/MW/SW)

3.   LSB (Lower Side Band indicator ,Also used for SYNCH/SSB info)

4.   SYNCH (Synchronous detector) indicator 

5.   USB (Upper Side Band indicator ,Also used for SYNCH/SSB info)

6.   EXT (External antenna indicator) When button EXT. engaged

7.   LOC (LOCAL stations/AM) When LOC/DIST button set to LOC.

8.   MGC  (Manual Gain Control) When AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

               AGC/MGC control set to MGC.

9.   ACCU (When ACCU/BATT lever in battery compartment set to ACCU)

10.  1- 64  MEMORY (Number of station in memory)

11.  SW-m-Band

       AS (Auto-Search)

       HA (By manual tuning, Keyboard frequency entry 

       AF (with RDS) 

12.  RDS (Radio-Data-System ,when an FM Station offers RDS info)

13.  MONO/STEREO (FM only)

14.  MHz - KHz (Frequency) MHz for FM ,KHz for AM

15.  MEMOFILE 1-4 (Main banks 1 - 4 for storing frequencies/info) 


17.  SLEEP (Selected time displayed)    

18.  LW/MW/SW/FM (band selected)

19.  AUTO (Auto-start function[s] programmed and ready)

20.  S-METER / BATTERY Strength / ACCUmulator indicator)

21.  CLOCK (Time 1/Time 2 / Sleep Time)  

22.  TIME (Time 1/Time 2) Actual Time or Start Time 

23.  ROM TABLE (When ROM-table selected)


         Satellit 700 keyboard description 


1:            ON/OFF: Power on/off

2:            FM/RDS-AF: FM band-selector. Also for selecting any

               RDS informations.

3:            AM: Selects AM-bands in the sequence: LW,MW,SW (loop)

4:            MEMO AF: When calling up a preset station ,this button

               will toggle other programmed stations by same category,

               station ,or other preferences entered/programmed by user.  

5:            MONO/STEREO: Used in FM-mode to override automatic

               settings (for instance select MONO by weak Stereo-stations) 

6:            WIDE/NARROW: Bandwith filters (6.8KHz/4KHz) 

7:            FREE: Displays free memory pages in current Memofile

8:            STO: Used for storing current frequency

9:            SYNCH: Engage Synchronous Detection Circuitry & change

               tuning increment from 1KHz to 100 Hz. 

10:           MEM SCAN: Step thru frequencies in current Memofile. 

11:           USB: Upper Sideband SSB switch ,tuning increment from 1KHz

               to 100Hz. Activates the Clarifier control on the right side of

               the radio.

12:           SEARCH SEL: Increase / Decrease reception frequency. Hold

                down button for automatic station search. PS: Can only scan

                within the 20 stored metre-bands. Also menu operation key.

13:           LSB: Lower Sideband SSB switch ,tuning increment from 1KHz

               to 100Hz. Activates the Clarifier control on the right side of

               the radio.

14:           AUTO: Enables the Timers.  

15:           SLEEP: Set/Activate sleep timer

16:           TIME I/II: Set/Display clocks

17:           A-Z/0-9: Assign Station Names within Memofiles

18:           MENU:  Invoke menu options; MW spacing,ON/OFF timer,

                LCD Light ON/OFF,copy Memofiles.

19-29:       NUMERIC KEYS  for direct frequency entry. Also for selection

                of metre-bands  (20 bands pre-programmed). Also for selection

                of presets  stored in the MEMOFILES.   

30:           CL: Clear last input / return to radio mode (if using STO/MENU)

31:           FREQ/m-BAND: Execute direct entry and metre band selection.

32:           MEMORY FILE: Call previously stored frequencies


         Satellit 700 Left side controls 




Left side controls:

1 + 2:     LINE OUT (1 = left / 2 = right)

3:          EARPHONES (Stereo on FM)

4:          EXTERNAL SPEAKER(s),2 x 1.5 Watts power/Stereo on FM 

5:          REMOTE CONTROL

6:          9 - 12 VOLTS (DC)

7:          TREBLE

8:          BASS

9:          VOLUME

10:        LOCK (keyboard) / DISPLAY LIGHTS (x2)


         Satellit 700 Right side controls 




11:        EXTERNAL ANTENNA (Coax, European TV-connector type)


             DX/LOCAL Switch


14:        CLARIFY (Fine-tuning wheel/control)

15:        AGC/MGC controls (AGC = Automatic Gain Control/

             MGC = Manual Gain Control)