Grundig Concert Boy / Transistor 4000 Stereo










               Grundig Concert Boy 208






     Grundig Concert Boy 209 "N" Automatic




      Grundig Ocean Boy 205/Transistor 3000   






                    Grundig RadioRecorder RR 3000        




SW, MW, LW, 6 pre-set FM Stereo wavebands. Separate Bass and Treble tone controls. Super Stereo facility. Tape counter. Fe, Cr and FeCr tape selection. 2 x 6 watts music power output. 6 kg (without batteries). W: 48 x H: 26 x D: 10 cm. Mains/battery operation. Built-in microphones. Telescopic and Ferrite Aerials. Cue/review facility. Auto reverse facility


  Grundig RadioRecorder RR 940 Professional




MW,LW,SW & FM Stereo bands. 6 FM pre-set stations. Mains, battery or accumulator power options. Switchable AFC on FM. Dual purpose tuning and battery strength meter. FM frequency meter. Twin-speaker system per channel. Separate bass and treble tone controls. Stereo balance control. Headphone socket. Intermix operation. Record-Fade system. Automatic recording level circuit. Full auto-stop. Twin built-in microphones. Fe,Cr and FeCr tape selection. Tape counter. Telescopic and Ferrite aerials. 2 x 5 Watts music power output. W: 48 x H: 29 x D: 12 cm. 6.1kg (without batteries). Finish: Metallic Brown or Black. Super stereo facility.










           Grundig RadioRecorder RR 1000





                                Grundig Yacht Boy 400




               Grundig Concert Boy 1100 (black)






                 Grundig Concert Boy 1100 (alum./black)





                     Grundig Music Boy 208A






                  Standard Boy 201E (1963)















                  Melody Boy 1000












                        Elite Boy 500