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w All radios are listed in alphabetical order.

w To display the  production name or type-description, right-click with the mouse-cursor pointed over the radio in question. Then select properties in the drop-down menu.

PS: Two-digit numbers at the end of name [like 2r-27_(66).jpg] , indicates the year of production...


1r-81  to  9r-41


2f-23w to  2r-278


3f-61 to  3ra-62


4f-55w to  4r-57


5f-90  to  5r-93


6f-1  to  6rc-28


7f-23  to  7r-71


8f-11e to  8rc-110



ac- / an- / bf- / c- / cbr-



cf-100 to cf-500


cf-515s to cf-950s


cf-1050 to cf-500


cf-1500 to cf-1990


cf-2400 to cf-3800


cf-5950 to cf-9000





cfm- / cfn-



de- / fx- / icd-


icf-1 / icf-100



icf-101 / icf-500


icf-501 / icf-1000


icf-1001 / icf-5000


icf-5001 / icf-10000


icf-a / icf-b


icf-1 / icf-c100


icf-c101 / icf-c500


icf-c500 / icf-c1000


icf-c1001 / icf-2500 / icf-ca




icf-cs / icf-d / icf-dvd / icf-e / icf-ex / icf-f

icf-g / icf-ir / icf-j / icf-r / icf-k / icf-m


icf-n / icf-p / icf-pro / icf-r / icf-m


icf-s / icf-sc


icf-sw1 / icf-sw-100


icf-sw101 / icf-sw7700


icf-sx / icf-t / icf-tr / icf-x


icr-1 / icr-100


icr-1826 / icr-4800


icr-b / icr-d / icr-m / icr-n / icr-p


icr-s / icr-sw


mr- / ms- / pfm-


srf-1 / srf-100


srf-101 / srf-1000 / srf-a / srf-h


srf-i / srf-z


tfm-1 / tfm-1000


tfm-1001 / tfm-4000


tfm-4001 / tfm-10000


tfm-c300 / tfm-c1000 / tfs-



tr-1 / tr-100


tr-101 / tr-800

tr-801 / tr-1000


tr-1001 / tr-4000

tr-4001 / tr-10000


tr-c / trw- / wfm- / wa-



xdr- / zs- / zx-

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Total hits to date: Hit Counter




w To read more about the description-codes for SONY radios, please visit  THE SONY CODES  (by Aldo Andreani)


 (First issue July 16, 2000; last revision January 13, 2007)

- TR = AM only (MW or MW+SW or MW+SW+LW): see TR-610

- TFM (EFM with Esaki diode) = AM+FM: see TFM-110, EFM-117

- TRM = marine band (SW 1.5-4.5 Mc): see TR-88 (MW only), TRM-88 (MW+SW marine band)

- TR-C or TFM-C = AC clock: see TR-C290, TFM-C444

- TRW = DC watch: see TRW-621

- 1R-8R (MW only) and 2F-8F (MW+FM). The first digit speaks of the size of the radio: 1 for the smallest (see 1R-81), 8 for the largest (see 8R-42, 8F38W). C as the third digit = clock (see 8RC-52, 8FC-55)

- ICR = Integrated circuit AM: see ICR-100

- ICF = Integrated circuit with FM: see ICF-1100. As in the previous examples (TR-C290, TFM-C444, 8RC-52, 8FC-55), an additional C means clock (see ICF-C10W).

Sometimes an additional digit is present for mono (ICF-M) and stereo (ICF-S)

- In Ireland they used to add "zero" to the corresponding Japanese model (see TR-609 and TR-6090; TR-712 and TR-7120) but TR-608 is different from TR-6080

- Sometimes (starting from the first model and ending in 1965) the first digit after TR- or TFM- is the number of transistors (see TR-510 = 5 transistors; TR-610 = 6 transistors)

- CF stays for cassette (radio + tape recorders): see CF-300. Sometimes an additional digit is present for mono (CFM) and stereo (CFS)

- CRF = multiband, transoceanic: see CRF-230

- MD = car radios

- MR = matrix sound: see MR-9100

- SRF = ministereo: see SRF-201

- ST (without amplifier) and STR (with amplifier) = tuner: see ST-80, STR-160

- STA = stereo adapter: see STA-38 which is the stereo adapter of the 8F-38W

- Last letter:

- A (=Advanced, Ameliorated?) stays for an improvement: see TFM-121 (160mW) and TFM-121A (300 mW)

- B = MW, SW 3.9-12 Mc, Y = MW, SW 6-18 Mc: see TR-710B and TR-710Y

- L (=with LW): see TFM-95 and TFM-95L

- T (=Three, Triple?) see TR-910T (MW, SW1 3-9 Mc, SW2 9-24 Mc) and TR-910 (MW, SW 3.9-12 Mc)

- W (=World, wide FM). See 2F-23 and 2F-23W. In Japan commercial FM band is at 75-95 MHz. The radio without the letter W is for domestic use, whereas the set with the letter W is for export use

- Y see above (B)

w For more info and pictures, go to: