Grundig Satellit Radio Help page to eBay Auctions


This guide is meant as a quick-guide to help find your radios on eBay.

The links on the bottom of this page will help you find what is currently available on eBay.

Ebay is the number one place to look for your objects ,used by a majority of sellers and buyers worldwide. You can buy or sell objects in all parts of the world.

Ebay is worth a study in itself; learning how to use all the possibilities will pay off to both buyers and sellers.

HOT TIP!  The more you know about the seller ,the better!  Look for positive feedback in seller's Feedback Profile.  Be skeptic to "mint" or "great" radios if the seller has none or few positive remarks / feedbacks.

You can also check if the seller has sold similar objects before. Try to verify if- and how he has answered questions from potential buyers. You can also send him a control question or two ,just to check out for yourself.

Also try to verify the sellers name ,address (and possibly also his telephone number) if the seller is unknown.    

Sellers can change their names and profiles ,and even open several new eBay accounts. They will often do this  ,rather then continuing old account(s) with bad feedback.

SHILL BIDDING ALERT The definition of Shill Bidding  is when the Seller (or the seller using an associate to do the same thing) uses different accounts to bid up the items. He often ends just under the reserve so he doesn't win it. 

Shill bidding is defined by FBI as "Wire Fraud" , a felony with potentially severe consequences to the ones caught.  Often , the Ebay-accounts involved in shill bidding has none or few positive remarks; so if you see several bids by persons/accounts with none or very few positive remarks it is very wise to be on the alert.

(The occational "shades" icon accompanying an Ebay-accounts  name ,indicates that the owner has changed his info/name/account recently)

Please also be skeptical to EU-country (European) sellers ,offering no warranties or returns. Typically , they will  state something along the line of: "This is a private auction ,therefore no warranty or returns". Go with a seller that can stand behind the description off his item ,and will offer you some form of guarantee. 

A reminder: It is a good idea to ask the seller a few questions about the radio. Especially on the technical and cosmetical issues. This way you can find out if the seller is (at all) knowledgeable about his radios. Check his Feedback Profile to see if he has sold similar radios recently - and to see what his customers think of him.

A respected and experienced seller will know how to pack and ship the goods in the best way possible ,so if you are new to internet auctions - these are the safest bet for you. 

For more good advice  ,go to eBay's "Basic Buying Tips" or visit Ben Blish' "Ben's EBay Hints and Kinks


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Current eBay auctions for "Grundig" radio objects

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