Hi everybody!

Listening to "radios" has been a favorite pastimes ever since I was a young boy.  Far away countries ,foreign languages, new  cultures, exciting stories ,the music..  You get it all !

It's an educating  and  rewarding hobby; You learn about technical & practical issues on your radios ,and you can "pick up" news and events where they happen as they happen !

I  learned  from early on why to buy  quality  radios only. They cost more , and you may have to wait longer to acquire them ,but you will learn how to appreciate- and treasure them even more.

I  bought my first  Grundig Satellit  radio when I was 14 years old. I saw the new Grundig  Satellit 2100 in a store window and  I was sold!  The  "hunt" was on for far away stations. I sent  SINFO-reports to foreign radio stations , and received  QSL-cards and encouragements  from all over the world. Later on, I also bought an SSB unit for my Satellit. I felt very privileged about the first hand news and info I was able to pick up this way

More then 20 years later ,I still treasure my old radios! I now collect the whole range of Grundig Satellit radios ,together with other special shortwave portables.

Drop me a  line if you like; issues on shortwave portables or Grundig "Satellit" in particualar gets a priority and a fast answer. 

Best regards,

and Happy Listening!


Knut Otterbeck  e-mail: otterbec@online.no