The Grundig Satellit Lights (for displays & scales, etc.




These are pictures (w. specs) for new replacement bulbs used in many of the older Grundig Satellit models. (Like the Satellit 208 ,etc.) At least in Europe ,these are easy to obtain. Any radio-repair shop will know where to order ,as the "OSRAM"-brand is quite well-known.

Mr. Luca Stramare of Italy has told that the same type of 6V dial lamps was used in cars with 6V electrical. They were used as dashboard bulbs. Maybe an old car repair shop near you will have some still.

The following info was posted to the Grundig Satellit Mailing List on January 06/2001 on the matter:

Hi Guys,
   I hope I may shed some light on this subject, (pun intended) There are 2 bulbs bulbs used in the 600and 650. The two in the LCD and the meter one are Osram#2306, these are mini wedge bulbs, 7 volt 30 ma.  The variometer bulb is 7 volt 80 ma. I don't have the Osram # for the 80 ma bulb rught this minute, but I'll post it later. The Grundig Part # is 8316-453-003 for the 80 ma and 8316-113-002 for the 30 ma. 

Thanks, Ross Hochstrasser/Bavarian Radio Works