Info about Grundig Satellit Manuals and Schematics


Documentations for a model can include Operating Instructions/Owner's Manual , Threading Info and Diagrams , Schematics , Alignment and/or Adjustment Schemes , Setting Instructions , Quick "FAQ's" ,technical bulletins ,etc. 

eBay (on-line auctions) has several auctions featuring Grundig Schematics at any given time. Often, sellers offering schematics for a specific Grundig Satellit radio - also has other Grundig Satellit schematics / Info. 

If you join the Grundig Satellit Info (Yahoo) Group , maybe you can find your information there (in the file-section / free download). Or you can try to ask the fellow-members in the group for tips and help.

Or , you can order your documents from a number of sites like:

Manuals in PDF-form (Downloadable) (For collectors only ,donations or contributions required)  
Please do not ask the author of this webpage (Knut Otterbeck) for 
schematics , as time will not allow.