The following restoration project was performed by Luca Stramare of Italy in the end of  2000. This radio was in very ugly condition when Mr. Stramare bought it. The speaker was completely destroyed. Other imperfections included missing levers in the front (mid section) ,a missing band selector wheel/connector for the turret-tuner (SW 3-10) ,and tuning scale plates/glasses being cracked or having severe scratches. In addition , some wires needed replacement or re-soldering. Adding up ,this radio would have been discharged by most people as a hopeless case. After seeing how nice Luca Stramare completed his project ,I am sure others will be encouraged to start their own projects.



This is how the radio looks today ,after the restoration has been performed.



Seen from the front/right side with the replacement Drum Handle.



Drum handle replacement plus connection (Both unoriginal).  Luca Stramare informs me that the original drum handle is not available any more from Grundig.  This connector was available through the Italian electronics components supplier Melhcioni ,and the parts number is  4915 16637 for the connector and 4915 1667 for the Handle (available in their latest parts-catalogue).

The original drum handle is not very solid ,because of the way it is fastened - and the way it flips down to be in line with the surface on the side of the chassis. Together with the force needed to turn the turret/drum ,makes for it to break off after a while in some cases. 


        Original handle in upright & flipped down position 

Luca Stramare has informed of yet another modification to help prevent just this;  The load on the drum handle is given by a leaf spring ,with a screw on one side. If you unscrew the spring and put some thickness (for instance a nut) between the leaf spring and the fitting hole ,before fastening it again with a longer screw ,the drum has a softer movement and the risk of breakage is greatly reduced.        



This picture shows the front/middle part of the radio with the three replacement sliding controls. Note that the controls are oriented horizontally. This means they are comfortable to operate. The original controls are oriented vertically and has pointed ,narrow edges.



Sliding control replacements (three is needed to complete the job)




The material used for the new dial/scale plate is called Metacrilate (Polycarbonate).  Luca Stramare has replaced all three plates and cut the replacements from a plate of 181 x 181mm in size (equiv. to 7.2 x 7.2") To the far left of the plates ,a Dymo Labelmaker has been used to print the text/labels. 



The good news is that you can use a 13cm/2-way car-speaker as a replacement speaker! The holes in the case perfectly matched and there was plenty of room for the magnet. The picture shows a nice 13cm coaxcial 2-way titanium-cone speaker. Please observe the connection with the tweeter.  


The above picture shows how Luca Stramare used white rubber tape band to ensure better sealing with the housing.





Speaker connections:

A =    Earphone Socket     B =    Bass Switch    C =    Amplifier



Speaker Connection Details  (drawn by Luca Stramare)