GRUNDIG Satellit 208 Transistor 6000





Quick Specs:

FM,LW,MW,17 x SW

Double conversion

44x26x12cm (whd)



Full Specs

More Info

Antenna Info





On the right: Turret tuner selector and fine-tuning wheel (both "pop-out") (Black outfit version)



Back of radio with hidden (behind grille) antenna/etc. connectors



     Tuning scales with 3 separate tuning mechanisms



        More controls on top (Wood outfit version)


              Back of radio with power cord inlet



                       Front side of users manual



Signal/Battery Meter &             Now requires external (optional)

AFC/Bandwith filters                SSB/BFO control unit     



Below you can find a description of the controls (in the hidden compartment) on the back of the radio:



               2005 by Knut Otterbeck, Oslo, Norway