Grundig  Satellit  Antenna Information


A:    Grundig Satellit 205    (1964-1966)

B:    Grundig Satellit 208/210    (1967-1971)

C:    Grundig Satellit 1000/2000/2100/3000/3400    (1972-1983)

D:    Grundig Satellit 1400/2400/600/650    (1979-1992)

E:    Grundig Satellit 300/4000    (1983-1985)

F:    Grundig Satellit 400/500/700    (1986-1996) 

G:   Grundig Satellit 800   (2000-2004+) 


Grundig Satellit 205 /Transistor 5000  (A)


The tallest of the Satellit antennas. It measures 146cm fully extended , and has 12 elements;  7 in the lower-, and 5 in the upper section. The small top knob is shaped like a cone. Unfortunately, the top knobs are often missing. This is because the top knob screws into place and easily unscrews.

This antenna was introduced as the "Superteleskop-MM-Antenne". "MM" is short for "Multi-Match";  You pull out the lower 7 elements for FM reception ,and extend the antenna fully (all 12 elements) for Short wave reception.  


This picture shows the mount of the antenna (A) and how it fastens to the chassis. The 12-segment Grundig Satellit 205 telescopic antenna (B) has the same  base diameter as the later 13- segment Grundig Satellit antennas.

The mount is used in two more models only, the Satellit 208 /Tr.6000 and Satellit 210 /Tr.6001. If you want to replace an antenna with a later model 13-element antenna , you must use an antenna- mount from one of the first three Satellit models (Satellit 205, Satellit 208, or Satellit 210). Or you will have to modify the inside of the chassis to allow for the larger (and different) mount found on later model antennas.

To change/match a mount (A) with a different (later) model antenna ,you will have to remove the spring (C) to part the antenna from the mount (A).

Please observe that the  Satellit 205 / Transistor 5000 is the only model that has a cone- shaped top knob; Quite often these antennas have been replaced with later model ,cylindrical shape top knob antennas. 


Grundig Satellit 208 /Transistor 6000  -  Satellit 210 /Transistor 6001 (B)


The second-in-line Grundig Satellit antenna design is the 13-element Satellit 208/Transistor 6000 antenna. It has 7 elements in the lower section and 6 elements in the upper section. It has a big cylindrical shaped top knob , 15mm in highth. The antenna measures 146cm fully extended. 

"The telescopic aerial is a double-extension aerial. Pull the lower small knob of the telescopic aerial fully upwards  for FM reception. The aerial is now 31 1/2 inch long. Put the aerial into a horizontal position if your local conditions require this form of aerial orientation. For short wave reception , extend the telescopic aerial by pulling the large aerial knob fully upwards. The aerial is now 46 inches long to improve shortwave reception."  (From the Grundig Satellit 208/Transistor 6000 manual)


Satellit 1000 /Transistor 6002  -  Satellit 2000  -  Satellit 2100 - Satellit 3000  -  Satellit 3400 (C)


This antenna is identical to the Grundig Satellit 210/Transistor 6001 antenna (B), except for a more solid and larger mount. It does not fit into any of the first three Grundig Satellit models without modifications done to the chassis ,or after having changed the antenna mount to an original Grundig Satellit 205 / 208 / 210 mount. 


This picture shows the antenna-mount (A) of a Grundig Satellit 2000. Observe the flatter and more solid looking mount. 

"The telescopic aerial is intended for use with both FM and SW. For FM extend only the bottom portion of the aerial (81 cm) and best results will be achieved by tilting the aerial at an angle of 45 degrees. For SW the aerial should be fully withdrawn (144 cm) and kept upright." (From the Grundig Satellit 2100 manual)

"Note: You may find that ,when receiving a close-by powerful FM station , distortions occur. In this case , push the telescopic aerial slowly in until the distortions disappear. (From the Grundig Satellit 3000 manual)


Grundig Satellit 1400*  -  Satellit 2400*  -  Satellit 600  -  Satellit 650  (D

The fourth design is identical to antenna number three (C) ,except for the smaller/lower top knob (8mm high).


QUOTE: "Shortwave sensitivity, using either the built-in telescopic antenna or an external antenna, is quite good. In part, sensitivity with the telescopic antenna is superior because that antenna is unusually lengthy. It's also hardy and well-made, with a swivel that's able to maintain a chosen angle" ..(snip)  (From a 9-page evaluation of the Grundig Satellit 650 by Radio Database International. Perhaps better known as the  " RDI  White  Papers ".  You can check the link here . 

* On early models of the Satellit's 1400 and 2400,the antennas had a large top knob (like the Satellit 3400 , produced at the same time).  

Grundig Satellit 300 - Satellit 4000 (E)


The fifth-in-line Grundig Satellit antenna design is a smaller 8-element antenna , of 79cm in height. The base diameter is 9mm (0.9cm). The top knob of 10mm (1 cm) in diameter has a cone-shaped design, like the first Grundig Satellit - the Satellit 205/Transistor 5000. This is a much smaller antenna compared to the early Grundig Satellit's. In fact, the smallest antenna for any of the Satellits. But the Satellit 300 has a much smaller footprint ,and is very compact compared to all earlier models.

Grundig  Satellit 400  -  Satellit 500  -  Satellit 700 (F)


This antenna is almost the same size as the earlier ,big "Multi-Match" antennas from Grundig. It has 11 segments in a single stage ,and has a total height of 118cm. The Base has a diameter of 11mm (1,1cm) and the flat-type top knob has a diameter of 1,2cm.


HOT TIP ! Grundig  Satellit 800  (G)

The antenna for the Satellit 800 can be used as a replacement antenna for all of the earlier Grundig Satellit models except the 300/4000/400/500/700 , since it has the same base diameter (as antennas A to D). This way a new antenna can be ordered at a more affordable price... PS: Eton will ship the antenna only within the USA.