GRUNDIG Satellit 2000 





Quick Specs:

FM,LW,MW,18 x SW

Double conversion

44x26x12cm (whd)



Full Specs

More Info

Antenna Info





All tuning scales now arranged horizontally, more sliding controls in the middle ,a full set of push-button controls on the top. This is the silver/black outfit.



This shows the optional carrying/protective case, the handle pops up through the case.



Sleek and clean looking, yet of massive proportions/weight.



More colors light up when the scales are illuminated.





This shows an optional accumulator / re-chargeable battery pack (fits in the battery compartment)


Below you can find the location and function of the connetctors on the back of the radio:

A)   External SSB-unit and 5-DIN plug (for Tape/Stereo,etc)

B)   External antenna connections

C)   External speaker and power adaptor connections (plus battery operation switch)






           Gray & Black outfit / version




This SSB-unit is marked "Satellit 2000 Zusatz" and is  used with the Satellit 2000. A similar SSB-unit was made since 1967, as a supplement for the Satellit 208.

The SSB- unit shown can be used in 5 different models, from the Satellit 208 to the Satellit 2100.

An optional SSB-unit was also made for the Satelit 205 (first model) but had to be built in to the set.

                      2005 by Knut Otterbeck, Oslo, Norway