GRUNDIG Satellit 400 Professional 




Quick Specs:


Double conversion

30,4x18x7cm (whd)



Full Specs

More Info

Antenna Info






Compact ,double conversion, with BFO(SSB), DX/Local filter, 20+ presets


Sliding volume/bass/treble controls on the left, keyboard on the right


The analog tuning meter is extremely precise, it also doubles as a battery check meter. Please note that the "International" model pictured here (intended for export) had extended frequency coverage on shortwave (up to 30.000kHz).




Left side (from top): 5-DIN plug/AUX input, light (illuminates dial scales/ tuning meter when battery-operated), earphone connector (mono), Power connectors (mains 220V and/or 12V.

Right side: Antenna/aerial connector (european TV/Cable type), Local/DX switch, tuning wheel, BFO/SSB tuning wheel, BFO/SSB on-off button.

On top: In the middle of the fold-down handle are prints of the international frequency bands and international time zone maps.


On the bottom (from the left): 220V/110V power selector, main fuse compartment, battery compartment with D-type batteries on the left and AA type (penlight) backup batteries on the right. 


On the back you can observe the fold-down table-stand support in the middle. In the picture under, you can see how it works.




Close-up: power selector/fuse compartment (left). Identification decal/details (right).

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                      2006 by Knut Otterbeck, Oslo, Norway