GRUNDIG Satellit 2100 





Quick Specs:

FM,LW,MW,18 x SW

Double conversion

46x27x12cm (whd)



Full Specs

More Info

Antenna Info





Now has "regular" controls for Volume ,Bass, and Treble (on the left)







Bottom of radio with battery compartment on the right.




                                          Antenna connections (on the back)



                      Carrying case (optional)




Power cord compartment     Battery compartment




Original documentation for the radio included(2-4):

2:   "Shortwave Bible" German language information booklet on DX'ing in general ,very handy tips for antennas ,equipment for improved reception, history, info for all wavebands with caracteristics ,etc..

3:   "Grundig SW-Manual" in short; an english language translation of the "Shortwave Bible" , w/o pictures.

4:   Grundig Satellit 2100 operating instructions. languages German/English/French/Italian/Dutch. 30+ pictures with detailed instructions.


1:   Alignment Scheme/AM-SW-FM Dial Cord charts/   Schematics



The 2100 enduring a "TLC"-session (TLC=Tender love and care)


                       2005 by Knut Otterbeck, Oslo, Norway